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As Driving Forward Together we:

  • Sponsor a self-funded Official Contingency for female drivers in Open for all SCCA ProSolo's, Champ Tours and Nationals

  • Coordinate and work closely with our regions (NER, Philly, NNJR) to do outreach for women, connect them, and get them involved at all levels

  • Develop social events in our regions such as road rally fun drives where all are welcomed and especially inviting women

  • Purposely serve in visible and key positions in our clubs and recruit other women to do the same (including Assistant Region Executive, Solo Chair, Registrar, Secretary of the Board, Novice Chief, Novice Assistant, Ambassador, Instructors, etc.)

  • Promote and showcase talented and inspiring people involved in Motorsports: drivers, engineers, etc., especially women and girls, through our Website, FaceBook, and an Instagram page

  • Organize a campaign which includes women and men, with free vinyl and t-shirts for sale to serve as a visible reminder that women are welcome in every class

  • Advocate for issues women face in motorsports (eg. streamlined harassment reporting system)

  • Work to connect those (women and men) in Open who may be spread out in different classes, show support, share data, course walks and information, try to connect women drivers with available open seats

  • Have been featured on numerous media outlets: radio, podcasts. and online news venues (National Autocross News, IWMA, Heels on Wheels, etc.)

  • Implemented a mentoring program

  • Collect data on the number of women competing in each class for all National events and analyze trends

  • Initiated various recruitment approaches to find and encourage women who may have an interest and aptitude for motorsports

  • Continue to lead by example, encouraging new women and girls to not only compete and realize their own potential, but to become leaders and ambassadors themselves for others.


Click this photo to be directed to DFT's talk at the 2019 Women's Luncheon 

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