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Kathy Eager

Kathy is part of the Shifting Points Podcast. She is the newest of the three to motorsports, so let's get her take on things!

What is your name and what motorsports do you participate in?

Kathy Eager, mostly autocross.

When did you start Autocrossing, and how did you get into it? What clubs do you drive with?

2017 - I went to see Jess [Stratton] at autocross, went for a ride, and got hooked. The Boston BMW Club.

What cars have you owned, and what car do you currently drive and what class are you in?

Several “normal” cars, daily drivers, mostly of the sedan or hatchback sort. Currently driving a MINI Cooper Convertible, BMW class F technically for the car, but participated in E last year. [editor :The BMW club runs their own classing structure].

Any words for newcomers or someone hesitant to motorsport?

Just do it, don’t wait, it’s an incredibly welcoming community.

We hear that you have started a podcast with a few other women, tell us about that!

I talk a lot and have opinions, that makes me the perfect candidate for podcasting. Ha! I’m also newer to the sport than Audra [Tella] and Jess, so I think that helps provide the “dumb questions” perspective. We have a lot of fun recording the episodes and it’s just a bonus that anyone wants to listen to us.

You have a daughter, has she expressed any interest in non-conventional female hobbies?

Yes and no. I feel like Gen Z doesn’t care about gender norms, so she does whatever she wants to do, regardless of whether it is or isn’t conventional.

When you’re not racing and podcasting, what can you be found doing?

Hiking, crafting, or binge watching TV.

What is your favorite racing memory?

That’s a tough one. I always have a hard time with “favorites” as it is. But there are so many great autocross memories. The first time I rode with Jess, which was my very first time at autocross, stands out. Mostly just that feeling when you try to do something specific and it works and your time improves. When it “clicks”. Those are the best. Though I can’t leave out laughing and having fun with folks in the bar after, too. See there are too many to choose from!

What are your plans for the 2021 season?

That’s a big unknown for me right now. COVID and timing of vaccines will be a big factor. Ideally, I can attend at least enough BMW events to “count”, even though I’m middle of the pack, it’s still nice to see where you stand. Pre-COVID my goal for the next season was to participate in a different club’s event, and attend my first ever track day. We’ll see, I’m not putting any pressure on myself, or making too many plans at this point.

What are you focused on improving this off season and into next season?

Frankly, just getting back out there. I didn’t do any autocross in 2020. I had a couple of small mods done to my car, so it’ll be great to get out there and see how they are.

How does the Driving Forward Together initiative align with your views?

The autocross community is great and I’m a relative newcomer to it. As such, I’ve never experienced any sexism. I also had a great female friend who was deeply in the sport showing me the way and letting me know it would be ok. Just getting women into the sport, it’s incredibly important for newcomers to see women already there. Our podcast doesn’t focus exclusively on women, but we hosts are obviously women, and we have lots of women guests. We hope that supports and encourages other women to take part in a sport we love.

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