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Kathy Moody

Kathy is a long time member of the New England Region SCCA who is active in many forms of motorsport, mainly on unpaved areas! Her commitment to seeing women race along side men is evident in her willingness to share her passion and love of what she does. We've included links at the end to some of the events she participates in.

What is your name? What region do you belong to?

Kathy Moody and I race with the New England Region [SCCA]

Which Motorsports do you participate in?

I Currently participate in rallycross and rallysprints with SCCA.  I also run Hillclimbs with New England Hillclimb Association. I have dabbled in drift.

What class do you drive? What car?

I drive a 1978 Datsun 280Z stage rally car, Zed.  I have been running Subaru’s since I started, but this car was one I had been drooling over on rally stages for 10+ years.  When I found out he was for sale, it was “game on”.  I had to have him.  Other cars in the fleet may have been sacrificed to bring Zed home.  Rallycross I run modified rear wheel drive (MR) and for rallysprints I am in 2wheel open (2O).  I also hillclimb with the New England Hillclimb Association in the rally car class.

Photo Credit: Nemesis Photo

When did you start? How did you start?

I started back in 2002 after purchasing a Subaru and receiving a free SCCA membership.  Rallycross, was a form of racing that was very entry level. I mean you can use your street car, how easy is that? By 2004 I was all in and purchased my first Subaru RS for rallycross. That turned into racing, becoming a safety steward, a chair and registrar.  Everyone is family with these guys.  I’m known as ‘Rally Mom’! And you can be assured if you come to one of our events as a passenger, I will do my best to get you to race with us.  

When you’re not racing what can you be found doing?

I work at a dealership selling GM parts to pay for the obsession that is racing.  But my passion is getting others involved in racing and organizing events so they can enjoy racing.  I have been on the organizing committee and volunteer coordinator for the Subaru Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds Hillclimbs since 2011. 2005 I became  involved with the New England Forest Rally in many capacities, most recently as the Chief of Service.  Organizing events so others can enjoy the thrill of racing makes me happy.  It’s a bonus I can be a competitor also.

What is your favorite racing memory?

I had been organizing and chairing rallysprint events for our region since 2015. In 2018 I asked our members if anyone would let me borrow their rally car so I could race a rallysprint. Just wanting to cross it off the bucket list.  So many of the guys in my region offered. I chose a little NA Impreza named Earl. I had a blast and my “one and done” event turned into me buying my own rally car in April of 2019. Now that I have my own car I am doing a little pay-it-forward, so to speak, and made a friend's dream to co-drive come true. She has been co-driving the rallysprints with me. This season I hope to get another gal pal in the right seat for some hillclimbs.

What are your plans for the 2020/2021 season? 

2021 will hopefully be the year I get on real stages and race in the New England Forest Rally. It's my home rally event.  After the 2019 event the race family made it their job to finally get me to stop volunteering for the event and actually race it. This years event was cancelled, so 2021 is looking to be the year

Also on the slate are all the hillclimbs, rallycross, and rallysprints I can manage. Looking to add some drifting and maybe some track racing.

What are you focused on improving this/next season?

Myself, I have been an AWD and FWD racer since I started and now with my Z, RWD has been a big challenge. It’s like learning to drive all over again.  

Any words for newcomers or someone hesitant to motorsport?

Racing starts with an interest in cars.  If you love cars/racing and want to race, do it. Don’t let anyone hold you back. If all you have time and money for is something you can use your daily driver for, look at solo, Track Night in America, even rallycross.  Trust me once you start, you won’t want to stop. I haven’t found a club yet that isn’t inviting.  But if you are hesitant to go alone, look up the club chair, contact them, ask if there are any ladies racing with the club.  Ask the chair for their info, contact them.  See if you can buddy up with them for the day.  Some regions have ladies events, GO to one. Racing is a unique sport where the car is the tool and the great equalizer.   Anyone can excel at racing given the opportunity.

How does the Driving Forward Together initiative align with your views?

I want to see women interested in racing, racing uninhibited, unencumbered.  I want to see open opportunities for women in all aspects of racing.  I want to help women accomplish those goals.

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